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Special Conditions Reserved for Members and Friends of CIVM.Club


Venture Capital

The members themselves, thanks to the exclusive access to the Club’s network, can invest in projects as business angels and/or venture capitalists, with contributions in seed capital and/or early stage or in the Round loans A, B, C etc.


Become a member

All those who are interested in the Club’s activities can become members. Membership is voluntary.

Bring your business into the future

Enter an exclusive dimension to face the global challenges of modernity.

Intercept the extraordinary Opportunities

which are arising from the ongoing macroeconomic and geopolitical changes taking place in the world

Projects evaluation

After an initial joint analysis together with the entrepreneur, the Club chooses which initiatives to promote.


After the first assessment phase, the project is examined by the partners composing the strategic and operating network of the Club.

Venture Capital

The Club allows the evaluated projects find to their best route to financing through venture capital.

Strategic partnerships

The Club is part of an operational network making use of extraordinary strategic partnerships, available to members only.

Institutional activities

The Club proposes itself to achieve its membership goals also by conducting institutional activities.

Global innovation

Among the business areas the Club is mainly interested in, we report here: digital and technological innovation, global projects and infrastructural SMEs, tourism, manufacturing and luxury.

Present your project

Introduce us your ideas and you will be contacted asap for a joint analysis and preliminary assessment.

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