Enkronos ICO: Special Conditions Reserved for Members and Friends of CIVM.Club

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Dear Members and Friends of CIVM.Club,

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a deal with Enkronos d.o.o., an important digital strategy company, that launched its ICO in a really important and global operation.

Basically, Enkronos has created a powerful multi-application platform called “Enkronos Apps”, which provides multiple and extraordinary areas of use, from Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, to the Internet of Things, just to mention some of the most important implemented technologies.

This operation is linked to the blockchain technology and this will guarantee on one side to ensure maximum transparency and ethicality in every transaction that will take place in it, thanks to the public and non-manipulable nature of blockchain technology. On the other side, it will allow those who will use it to adopt other integration technologies that will be available in the next years, with an amazing innovative environment for the development of business services in various fields.

Today, at the time of launch of this initiative, we have obtained extremely favorable conditions for the Members and contacts of CIVM.Club, with the possibility on the pre sale to have a discount of 40%, with priority right on the purchase price of the cryptocurrency that will power the system, which is called ENK (Enkronos Token).

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, however, it is necessary for those who want to join it, to book immediately the amount of ENK that they want to buy, finalizing by no later than June 22 the payment to the references that will be communicated exclusively to the people concerned. Payment can be made in euros (or dollars), by bank transfer, or in cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), or Bitcoin (BTC). The minimum purchase amount is € 3,000.00, or equivalent in other currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Who wish to join can contact us now.

Before joining, of course, consult with consultants and specialists of your choice, as this is an operation in any case at high risk and requires knowledge of what you are doing.

In any case, you can also join the initiative directly from the site where the ICO is held (https://ico.enkronos.com/, where you can also read all the instructions and conditions of the initiation), but without enjoying the right to priority dedicated to CIVM.Club.

For any further information we are at your disposal.

Thank you and good ICO!

Staff CIVM.Club

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