Institutional Activities

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club-2The Association proposes itself to achieve its membership goals also by conducting legal activities of social, cultural, political and economic promotion such as, for example and without limitation:

  • promotion and organization of events, conferences, networking opportunities and similar activities;
  • research, cultural studies, information and spread of cultural-socio-economic values;
  • social promotion activities such as, for example and without limitation: charity, education, training, sport, tutelage, promotion and enhancement for goods of artistic and historical interest, protection and enhancement of the environment, promotion of culture and art , protection of civil rights, scientific research of particular social interest;
  • typical activities of private voluntary and non-governmental organizations aimed at the international spread of the social purpose;
  • protection and spread of cultural and / or socio-political-economic issues, in particular those of individuals and communities which have their own focus, as, for example and without limitation: the improvement of the environment , encouragement to the observation of human and civil rights, the welfare increase for individuals and the whole population;
  • fund raising and economic activities in support of its action and of its social objectives;
  • the study and adoption of technologies and forms of ‘cultural innovation and / or socio-political-economic activities designed to achieve its social objectives.