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The Club of Venetian Entrepreneurs in the World (from the italian ‘Club Imprenditori Veneti nel Mondo’, is a network of privileged and confidential relationships, aimed at the creation and/or development of economic projects through the involvement of its members in entrepreneurial/work opportunities of international scope, with a particular focus on the territories that during the various historical ages have seen the settlement and the influence of the Venetian culture, its personalities and free expressions.

  • The Club is made up of a group of entrepreneurs and investors resident all around the world, being from Veneto or linked to the Venetian culture anyway. The Club members demonstrate their reliability and seriousness by supporting the construction costs of the business community, too. In our business community we only evaluate facts, concreteness and commitment, not words.
  • Our vision and approach are characterized by high operative standards related to the international fora, involving multiple business areas through industrial, commercial and financial projects.
  • This is possible thanks to our own material and immaterial assets: access to exclusive channels (which are completely unattainable for the classical methods), confidential sources and officially signed formal agreements with other organizations and international business community networks.
  • The purpose of the Club is to help companies to be born/grow up through the promotion of the enterprise culture, financing and development of new manufacturing and service activities, able of generating added economic, professional and cultural value, in order to provide a parallel positive impact on the territorial employment.

The Club is a meeting place for entrepreneurs and investors eager to share experiences and ideas, creating and / or consolidating various business areas, without limits nor boundaries.

The Club’s competent bodies meet weekly to evaluate new investment opportunities and to monitor the ongoing projects.

We aim to achieve our membership goal also through international business and institutional relationships.

The Club was born on June 18th, 2015, during a public presentation event held at Villa Braida in Mogliano Veneto (TV), a few kilometers far from Venice.