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President and founder of the “Venetian entrepreneurs in the world” Club is dr. eng. Gianluca Busato.

Gianluca Busato was born on May 14th, 1969 in Treviso.

After graduating from Padua engineering university, he chosen the road of entrepreneurship. His passion for technological innovation turned out to become his work, too. Everything’s digital always fascinated him, representing a great opportunity in his vision able to serve even the development of our land. Not surprisingly, together with other core businessmen he enlivens the debate on the creation of new digital cities, in particular through a revitalization plan of the Venetian historic centers, based on start-up financing and technological bootstraps.

He loves to share these experiences with anyone who wants to approach the topic: mr. Busato holds speeches at key events regarding the technological worldwide spread and training courses for entrepreneurs of various category organizations.