Rights And Duties Of Members

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The members have the right to:

  • elect and be elected within the bodies of the Association;
  • participate in all the activities and collaborate with the organs of the Association;
  • enhance their personal goals within the association’s activities;
  • be informed about the program and the management of the Association, including the ¬†¬†¬†economic and financial management, too.

Members are obliged to:

  • observe the basic Act and all the other acts, resolutions and regulations of the Association and its bodies;
  • actively work as to achieve the goals of the Association and carry out its tasks;
  • regularly pay the membership fee in the amount determined by the Governing Council;
  • provide the Association with the necessary information to realize its tasks;
  • share their personal experience and knowledge with other members of the Association;
  • safeguard the good name of the Association.